A commitment for life

What now?

We offer many services for life after cancer, including ongoing screenings, physical therapies, and spiritual and emotional support.

As an example, Kaiser Permanente Georgia launched the Breast Cancer Survivorship Program, which is tailored to patients who have completed their initial therapy and require follow-up care one year after their final treatment. It’s a program that is improving outcomes through consistent and comprehensive care. We have many such programs in the other communities we serve.

We understand that sometimes it helps our patients to connect through an online community and talk to others who know what they’re going through, who might have solutions to challenges they face, who sympathize with those highs and lows. WhatNext is an online community that offers support, information, and insight for people living with cancer by people living with cancer.1

Visit What Next1

A cause for celebration

In our effort to help patients thrive, we must remember to celebrate the positives. Some of our proudest moments come during the Cancer Survivor Days — community events Kaiser Permanente organizes to celebrate and enhance the lives of our cancer patients and their families. Survivor Days offer the chance to meet other patients and Kaiser Permanente specialists, take classes, and contribute to the community of survivors. It’s another way of showing that, as a Kaiser Permanente member, you’re never alone.

For more detailed information about cancer care, visit kp.org/cancer.

  • 1 This information is provided as a resource and does not constitute an endorsement for any organization or website. It is the responsibility of the reader to decide whether an organization or website is appropriate for his or her needs. When visiting a website and using its services, please remember to do the following:
    • Carefully read the privacy policy, and proceed only if you understand and are comfortable with how they will use or share your private information.
    • Do not start or stop taking any medications based on advice you receive in an online forum. Discuss any medical advice you receive with your doctor.
    • Don’t share more than is comfortable for you. And remember: Information can live on the Internet forever.